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Our Story

Since 2009, widely adored DFW-native performer Kristi Mattison had been the lead singer of one of the most highly sought-after Top 40 Wedding/Corporate bands in Dallas. The group was built from the ground up purposed to be worthy of her talents, genuine kindness, leadership, and following. It went on to be one of the only remaining 100% live non-tracked performance cover bands in the metroplex, recognized for its fun-loving, high-energy chemistry on and off stage. 

The band eventually came to an end when its name was sold shortly after sweet Kristi – while healthy, youthful, and vibrant – tragically suffered an unexpected stroke on Halloween of 2018. A hemorrhage in her left brain hemisphere took the motor skills of her right side and a significant case of Aphasia left her speech impaired. But as a saving grace, her spirit and optimistic personality remained unchanged.

Fast forward to 2021: the rate of her long-term recovery from daily therapeutic work has already surpassed doctors’ expectations. Despite her hindered speech, she miraculously discovered she retained her ability to sing! As a result, her devoted husband Eric and her band mates decided to assemble a band for her and name it Mattison Live. The reunited group’s intent has been to create the opportunity for Kristi to start singing again as a form of joy and therapy, as well as allow her devoted and supportive following to witness her recovery and performances once again. 

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